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Dispenser/“Connect” rather than “refill” -- Cartridge-typed pouch refill with minimum waste


Refill will never be easier; In our unique Clean Clic System® , just connect the airlessly-filled pouch to the Clean Clic dispenser and ready to go. Very quick and clean



Refill reattachment with a “Clean Clic Dispenser” does not require the pump to be removed. Therefore the dirty dripping of the contents is not expected for Clean Clic System®. Due to the feature that the contents are airlessly packed and are not exposed to ambience, they are kept safe and clean during the usage until the next refilling time. This merit should make more sense when using in higher humidity condition. The contents can also be used right to the last drop so there is minimum waste.



PacPlus proposes functional and smart-shaped design for dispensers of various sizes. Clean Clic System® can also be applied to a bigger dispensing system for industrial applications. Its applications are infinite.

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