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Spouted pouches

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What are spouted pouches?

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A spouted pouch with a cap is so handy to use. It is easy to squeeze out the product to the last drop and is resealable for freshness. Lightweight and space-saving packages using less raw materials are environmentally friendly.

  • We can propose suitable specifications according to the contents and application.
  • Custom spout/pouch shapes can be designed according to the customer's requests.
  • We can also propose suitable filling equipment.

Spouted pouches designed for ease-of-use

Our original design 'Grip Shape<sup>®</sup>'

Our original design "Grip Shape®"

This ergonomically designed pouch is named 'Grip Shape®'. It fits so well in your hand when you hold it.

Inner-plug built-in cap

Inner-plug built-in cap

A spouted pouch that incorporates a specially- structured cap in which the inner plug is pre-fitted inside the cap. Simply fill from the spout and close this special cap, and the inner plug will simultaneously be fitted into the mouth of the spout. This leads to higher efficiency in filling operation and can save significant inventory space. Also, a spouted pouch with this inner plug can regulate flow rate when pouring.

Nozzle-type spout 'SST-5' type

Nozzle-type spout "SST-5"

A spouted pouch with a nozzle-like pointed spout. It is easy to control the amount of poured contents, and it is especially suitable for contents that are not easily poured out completely, such as highly-viscous liquids.

Spouted pouches for special purpose

We can also propose various ideas for special contents. Here are some examples.

Spouted pouches for hair colour developer

Spouted pouches for hair colour developer

These are special-specification spouted pouches that are not only liquid-resistant to hair colouring second agents for which the main component is hydrogen peroxide, but also have the ability to maintain a constant hydrogen peroxide concentration by balancing component permeation through the container itself.

Spouted pouches for hair perm solution

Spouted pouches for hair perm solution

These are spouted pouches with excellent liquid resistance to various types of first and second solutions for hair perms.

Standard products that are available from small lot sizes

Our standard lines can be used for general liquid products such as daily necessities, cosmetics, and food. Please contact us for further details.

  • less 300mL
    less 300mL
  • 300mL-900mL
  • more 1,000mL
    more 1,000mL