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Connecter/Proposing new style of flexible package with
unique connecting system


Clean Clic Connectors have self opening/closing function in their simple design. Based on our unique patented connectors, our Clean Clic System for flexible packaging provides lots of merits and its applications could be infinite.
Merits include ‘Airless filling/dispensing’, ‘High speed filling without foaming and spluttering’, ‘One-touch replacing for the empty pouch’, ‘Very little residuals after usage’, ‘Material saving’ and ‘Wide range of pouch design’.



Clean Clic Connecter

The “Clean Clic Connecter” is composed of a set of a “male connector” and a “female connector” with a self-sealing structure. Normally the female connector is heat sealed on the pouch package, while the male is normally attached to the dispensing side. When the male connector is connected to the female, the lid of the female connector opens and the package becomes an open state to get ready to be used. Once disconnected the package, the female connector automatically recloses to stop leaking the contents. Because of this unique reclosing function the refill pouch can even be disconnected during usage without leaking. This feature also gives a big advantage for filling operation. Clean Clic Connectors must be a big tool to widen the customers packaging design and their applications.

photo:Self-closing function

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