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■	Clean Clic System® / Expanding the flexible packaging application

Clean Clic System®01

By connecting/disconnecting the male/female connectors of Clean Clic System, air-less filling and air-less dispensing of liquid are made possible. This simple and cost effective solution will broaden the possibilities of flexible packaging.

Clean Clic System®02

Air-less filled pouch with Clean Clic connector can be used with or without dispenser depending on its application.


Clean and hygienic

Pouches fitted with Clean Clic Connecters are delivered with the connector plug in a closed position, so they can keep the sealed state until filling stage and this can avoid the intrusion of foreign particles and bacteria. In addition, there is little mixing of external air during filling and together with little residual air inside the pouch, this could prevent the oxidation, degradation and decay of the contents.


Improving efficiency of filling operation

For the filling operation for Clean Clic products, set the connector-attached pouch on the machine and just press the start button. Both filling and capping operation are completed at the same time. No need to work on heat sealing/capping after filling. Unique air-less filling will speed up the operation even for the liquid like foaming soap without splashing contents. Clean Clic system also enables to keep ‘clean’ working environment.


Reduction of the environmental impact

Because air-less filling leads to the reduction of packaging material, not only they can contribute to the environmental problem, but also the packaging and logistic cost can be drastically saved.


Expanding variation of pouch shapes

The feature of little residual air in the pouch can enable the customers to increase the designing variety of the packages.

Clean Clic System®03

Clean Clic System®04

Clean Clic System®05

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