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Privacy policy

Handling of personal information

PacPlus Co., Ltd. (hereinafter called “PPC”) shall handle information that could identify a specific individual (hereinafter called “Personal Information”) based on the following policy in order to protect the privacy of customers appropriately.

Use within specific purpose

PPC may collect and use Personal Information from customers mainly for the following purposes. If any other separate purposes of use should arise, they shall be specified clearly on a case-by-case basis.

  • In order to respond to inquiries concerning Company products, services or recruiting
  • In order to use it for marketing, product developing and event management of PPC.
  • In order to provide information such as direct marketing, e-mails or catalog distribution, etc., related to PPC’s business
  • In order to respond to various types of applications to PPC

Use and management of Personal Information

Except as provided in law, the Company shall not use Personal Information supplied by a customer for any purpose other than a purpose of use specified clearly in advance without receiving the consent of the customer in advance. The Company shall manage the Personal Information provided by customers strictly and take appropriate preventive measures against loss, damage, leakage and falsification, etc. If some problem should occur, the Company shall address it promptly.

Disclosure and provision of Personal Information to third parties

The Company shall neither disclose nor provide to a third party Personal Information supplied by a customer without the consent of the customer except in cases that fall under any of the categories listed below.

  • Cases where the Company outsources the handling of Personal Information to a third party for the execution of a purpose of use
  • Cases where settlement information is confirmed with a financial institution, etc., in the ordering of a product
  • Cases in which the Company has judged it appropriate that an affiliated company of the Company or a company in a group with which the Company is affiliated be allowed to answer an inquiry received from a customer
  • Cases in which the Company discloses information in a state whereby individuals cannot be identified
  • Cases where disclosure or provision to a third party can be thought necessary for the sake of the public interest
  • Cases where disclosure has been requested based on the law

Now, even if the Company outsources the handling of Personal Information to a third party, the Company shall take appropriate measures so that the Personal Information of customers is protected appropriately by the outsourcing destination company in question.

Disclosure, correction and termination of use of Personal Information

The Company may confirm, correct or delete Personal Information that has been provided by a customer at the will of the customer based on the provisions of law. The Company may confirm the identity of the individual involved by telephone, etc., on such occasions. The Company shall carry out the requested confirmation, correction or deletion work appropriately after confirming the identity of the individual involved.


The Company shall accept no responsibility whatsoever with regard to the handling of Personal Information that viewers provide on the internet sites of third parties linked to from this website. The Company recommends customers to read the provisions concerning the handling of Personal Information, etc., on linked websites to understand their methods for gathering and use.

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