We design, produce and propose a various flexible packaging solutions for cosmetics, ink, food and other industrial applications.

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About us

Origins of our company name


The company name “PacPlus” was created by signifying our aim for innovation in the provision of services and packaging with something extra without restricting ourselves to the manufacture and sale of mere packages (“Pac”) by combining the word “Plus”, meaning “positive”, “moreover” and “evolution”, with “Pac”.
Furthermore, the company logo brings together four “Ps”, the initials of “Packaging”, “Product”, “Personality” and “Partnership”, and shows our spirit of valuing our partnerships with customers and our cooperating company for the creation of new products and services with ideas and ingenuity that take advantage of the respective individual characters of our employees.

Corporate attitude

More Than Just Packaging…

Rather than merely manufacturing and selling packaging materials, we aim for innovation in packaging as an “intellectually creative packaging-manufacturer” through the development and supply of unique, differentiated goods and services with something extra that are matched to the needs of customers and markets and cannot be mimicked by other companies.

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